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RocketJudge makes transitioning your live event to a virtual event a breeze. Embed presentation videos, documents, and more!
But don't just take our word for it...

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“RocketJudge makes judging online events seamless for competitors and judges alike- no downloads required. For virtual events, content such as a video or picture can be embedded right in the ballot. It's great to know I never have to sweat judging!”

Roxanne Moore, Georgia Tech
Roxanne Moore
Georgia Tech
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There are two ways to host your event online with RocketJudge

Virtual Events

Pre-recorded videos and embedded documents

Easily embed pre-recorded videos using Youtube or Vimeo as well as link directly to files like posters, powerpoint presentations, log books, and more.

Pre-recorded youtube video example
  • Easy to set up
  • Email ballots to judges
  • Judge self check-in
  • Easy for judges to use: view Youtube videos in the same window as the rubric, or view files side-by-side in a new window
  • Judges can fill out scores at their leisure (over days/weeks, instead of in a few hours)
Ready to take your event virtual?

Live Virtual Events

Video interview rooms for competitors and judges

RocketJudge automatically creates an interview room for each participant. Host your events just like a live, in person event!

Live virtual video interview example
  • Easy to set up
  • Competitors are sent unique links to their interview rooms via email
  • Judges are sent unique links to their ballots via email
  • Judges can move between interview rooms hosted by each competitor they are assigned
  • Judges can ask questions and give live feedback to competitors
Want to move your live event completely virtual?
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