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Scores get tallied automatically.

We can help move your in-person event online in minutes!

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Setting up your Competition is Easy.

Every event is different- use our highly customizable platform to match judges to competitors, sort competitors into award categories, and more.

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All the features you need

Cross Platform

RocketJudge works on all smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There's no app to download.

Quick Setup

If you have 10 minutes, you have time to set up voting. Current record 5 minutes 38 seconds!

Rich Results

Sort competitors by groups or scoring categories. Download all the data to Excel when you're done.

Event Wifi Capable

Even if your venue's wifi isn't the best, we save local results until the internet comes back.

Secure Voting

Every vote is sent over an encrypted, secure connection; rest assured knowing your event is safe.

Email and Phone Support

Need extra guidance? We're there for you every step of the way by email, phone, or Skype.

Judge and Competitor Registration

Add on our customizable, integrated registration to round out your event.

Text-In Voting

Engage your whole audience; we provide the phone number, you get an audience favorite award!

Send Feedback to Competitors

After your event ends, one click sends anonymized scores and comments to your competitors.

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Event organizers love RocketJudge.

We’re blushing, but we built RocketJudge
to make event organizers’ lives easier.

“RocketJudge is intuitive and simple, and it works even when WiFi and network coverage is spotty!”

Eric Kennedy, SB3C
Eric Kennedy
Poster Session

“RocketJudge is easy to use for first-timers, simple to set up, and it continually evolves to include new features based on customer feedback.”

Craig Forest, Georgia Tech
Craig Forest
Georgia Tech
Design Expo

“RocketJudge eliminates the waste and inconvenience of interpreting paper ballots. Our judges were unanimous: they love RocketJudge.”

Amelia Nestler, American Chemical Society
Amelia Nestler
American Chemical Society
Professional Society Meeting

“RocketJudge made organizing, evaluating, and providing feedback during our poster symposium effortless and fun!”

Elizabeth Bowman, Vanderbilt
Elizabeth Bowman
Design Expo

“RocketJudge streamlined our voting process and improved the interaction with our judges. It is a staple in successfully managing our Design EXPO.”

David Sanchez, University of Pittsburgh
David Sanchez
University of Pittsburgh
Design Expo

“RocketJudge ensures team receives an adequate number of judges and allows us to determine the award winners VERY quickly.”

Roxanne Moore, Georgia Tech
Roxanne Moore
Georgia Tech
Science Fair
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